what percentage of women own sex toys

1. Introduction

Sex toys have been around for centuries, but in recent years they have become increasingly popular among women. Sex toys can provide a variety of physical and emotional benefits to women, and are used for a variety of reasons. This article will explore the topic of female sex toy ownership, including reasons why women own sex toys, popular types of sex toys among women, benefits of using sex toys, how to choose the right sex toy, pros and cons of buying sex toys online, statistics on female sex toy ownership and more.

2. Reasons Why Women Own Sex Toys

Women may own sex toys for a variety of reasons. Some use them to enhance their sexual pleasure alone or with a partner. Others may use them to explore their own body and discover what feels good to them. Some may use them as a form of self-care or relaxation during times when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, it is important that each person feels comfortable with the decision to purchase and use a sex toy.

3. Types of Sex Toys Popular Among Women

The most popular type of sex toy among women is the vibrator. Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes and can be used both externally on the clitoris or internally in the vagina or anus. Other types of popular sex toys include dildos (which are inserted into the vagina or anus) anal beads (which are inserted into the anus), cock rings (which are worn around the base of the penis), nipple clamps (which are placed on nipples) and other types such as Ben Wa balls, strap-ons and more.

4. Benefits of Using Sex Toys for Women

Using a sex toy can provide many benefits to women who choose to do so. For some women it can help increase their libido by providing additional stimulation during sexual activity with a partner or alone. It can also help improve orgasm intensity by providing deeper stimulation than manual stimulation alone can provide. Additionally, using a vibrator can help reduce stress levels by providing relaxation through clitoral stimulation as well as increased blood flow to sensitive areas which can lead to improved overall sexual health for women who use them regularly.

5. How to Choose the Right Sex Toy

When choosing a sex toy it is important that you take your time and do your research before making any purchases. Consider factors such as size, material type (silicone is generally considered safest), power level (some vibrators have multiple speeds) and any special features such as waterproofing or remote control capabilities that you might be interested in having in your toy before making your final decision on which one is right for you. Additionally, make sure you read reviews from other users so that you know what others’ experiences have been like before purchasing your own product!

6 The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Toys Online

Buying a sex toy online has its pros and cons just like any other type of shopping experience does; however there are some unique considerations when it comes to buying these items online versus in person at an adult store or boutique shop that should be taken into account when making your decision about where to purchase from:

Pros: Generally cheaper prices due to lack of overhead costs associated with running an adult store; greater selection; ability to shop from home without feeling embarrassed; discreet shipping options available; reviews from other customers available online; no need to worry about being judged by sales staff at an adult store; potential discounts available through coupons/promo codes found online etc…

Cons: No hands-on experience with product prior to purchase; potential issues with delivery times/lost packages etc… ; lack of customer service/returns policies depending on where purchased from etc…

7 Statistics on Female Sex Toy Ownership

According to research conducted by The Harris Poll in 2018, nearly half (45%) of all American adults reported owning at least one type of sexual device such as vibrators or dildos while only 33% reported owning no such devices at all – showing an increase in ownership over previous years’ surveys conducted by The Harris Poll since 2014 when only 32% reported owning such devices while 41% reported not owning any at all.Additionally, according to another survey conducted by Adam & Eve in 2017 – 63% percentof women surveyed said they owned at least one typeof sexual device while only 37% said they did not own any – further demonstrating an increase in ownership over previous years’ surveys conducted by Adam & Eve since 2011 when only 57% reported owning such devices while 43% reported not owning any at all.

8 Conclusion

In conclusion it’s clear that female ownershipof sexual devices has increased significantly overthe past few years – likely due in partto increased availabilityand accessibilityof these productsas well as improveddiscussions about sexualityand comfortabilitywith exploring one’s own bodythrough various meansincluding using sexualdevices.Ultimatelyit’s up toeach individualto decide whetheror notthey wantto explore this avenuebut if theychoose tooit’s importantthat they do their researchfirstand finda productthat meets theirneedsand desiresin terms offunctionality,safety,and price.

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