how to use sex toys in public

1. Introduction

Using sex toys in public can be a thrilling and exciting experience for both partners, but it is important to know the risks and safety considerations before attempting to do so. This article will provide an overview of how to use sex toys in public, from choosing the right sex toy for the occasion to exploring different types of sex toys and safety considerations.

2. What are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are objects used to enhance sexual pleasure and arousal during sexual activity. These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from vibrators to dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and more. They can be used alone or with a partner for mutual pleasure.

3. Benefits of Using Sex Toys in Public

Using sex toys in public can add an extra level of excitement and intensity to your intimate activities that would otherwise not be possible in private settings. It can also help couples explore new forms of pleasure, increase intimacy between partners, and create unforgettable memories together.

4. How to Choose the Right Sex Toy for Public Use

When choosing a sex toy for public use, it is important to consider factors such as size, noise level, material type (silicone or plastic), battery life, waterproofing capabilities (if applicable), and any special features that may help you achieve the desired results while still being discreet enough not to draw attention from onlookers. Additionally, it is important to select a toy that is comfortable for both partners so that they can fully enjoy the experience without any discomfort or pain.

5. Tips for Discreetly Using Sex Toys in Public

When using sex toys in public it is important to be as discreet as possible so as not to draw attention from others around you or cause any embarrassment or discomfort. It is best practice to choose a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed by passersby or onlookers; this could include a secluded beach area or a private room at an adult venue such as a swingers club or BDSM dungeon if available. Additionally, using subtle movements when using the toy will help keep it hidden from view while still providing enjoyable stimulation for both partners involved.

6 Exploring Different Types of Sex Toys


There are many different types of sex toys available on the market today ranging from vibrators and dildos to anal beads and butt plugs – all designed with different purposes in mind such as clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, prostate massage etc.. Depending on what type of sensation you are looking for you may want to experiment with different types until you find one that works best for both partners involved – just remember that whatever type you choose should still remain discreet enough not to draw unwanted attention when used in public settings!

7 Safety Considerations When Using Sex Toys in Public

As with all sexual activities there are certain safety considerations that must be taken into account when using sex toys in public settings – these include: avoiding contact with bodily fluids; ensuring proper hygiene before/after use; selecting materials that are safe for skin contact; avoiding contact with sharp objects; keeping batteries away from water sources; keeping lube away from sensitive areas; covering up after use; properly disposing of used items etc.. Taking these precautions will ensure that everyone involved enjoys their experience safely and responsibly!

8 Conclusion

Using sex toys in public can be an incredibly exciting experience if done correctly – just make sure you take all necessary safety precautions beforehand! From selecting the right toy based on size/noise level/materials etc., exploring different types available on the market today, understanding how to use them discreetly without drawing unwanted attention – there is plenty of information out there on how best enjoy your time together while remaining safe!

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